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Research Group Head Vice Head Main Area Lattes Directory
Conservation Agriculture Adriana Terumi Itako Leosane Cristina Bosco Agricultural Sciences
Soil Science Sonia Purin Gloria Regina Botelho Agricultural Sciences
Ecosystem Ecology Júlia Carina Niemeyer Alexandre de Oliveira Tavela Biological Sciences
Animal Physiology and Health Study Group Valério Valdetar Marques Portela Junior Marcos Henrique Barreta Agricultural Sciences
Socioenvironmental Analysis  in the Santa Catarina Plateau Research Group Joni Stolberg Luís Alejandro Lasso Gutierrez Agricultural Sciences
Forest Resources Management and Technology Ugo Leandro Belini Alexandre Siminski Agricultural Sciences
Grape and Wine Study Center- NEUVIN Leocir José Welter Aparecido Lima da Silva Agricultural Sciences
Plant Biology and Management Study Center Ivan Sestari Patrícia Maria Oliveira Pierre Castro Agricultural Sciences
Comparative Oncology Cristiano Gomes Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Production Integrated Systems Kelen Cristina Basso Jonatas Thiago Piva Agricultural Sciences
Animal Production and Health Study Group Carine Lisete Gleinke Sandra Arenhart Agricultural Sciences